Mar 1, 2020

Elevation - Allyson Reneau

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A New Season


The first Elevation Sunday of the new decade has arrived! And we couldn’t have a more fitting guest for the occasion.
We’ve prophetically stepped into a new season, in which we’ve left behind all the old things that used to hold us back, and now we’re positioned to receive every promise that God has made into our lives.  
As we receive Allyson Reneau, we receive living proof of what God can do in the life of a person who walks with Jesus every step of the way, and who dwells in His presence. Allyson is a remarkable woman who has achieved extraordinary things, and God has placed that same potential in each and every one of us. Prepare to be encouraged by the word God places in her spirit, as we catch a glimpse of what this full of potential season of our lives can look like.


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Elevate your life as we host Allyson Reneau. God has guided her through an amazing life journey that includes 11 children, starting a world-class Olympic gymnastics training center, a degree from Harvard, and working at NASA. You won’t want to miss Allyson’s encouraging word.