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What is included in membership?

Membership is one of the ways to stay connected to Plumbline. Membership grants you access to our latest content, gated content, and discounts on products. You’ll also get updated on community news and receive a free digital download upon membership. We hope that, over time, you’ll come to experience hope in a transformative way and partner with us, sharing in hope, and bringing life to others’ stories as well.

How do I pay for merchandise or donate money using my bank account?

In order to use your Canadian or American bank account as a payment method, you will need to provide us with 3 numbers: your Branch Transit Number, Financial Institution Number and Bank Account Number. You can find these numbers at the bottom of a cheque. See the example below for where to find each one. (insert cheque image) If you're having trouble finding this information, try these tips: 1. Look at a physical cheque. Sometimes banks obscure this information for online statements to improve online security. 2. If your Transit Number is less than 5 digits, try adding zeros in front of it to make it 5 digits. So if your Transit Number is "2", try entering "00002" instead. 3. If you do not have a cheque to obtain this information from, we recommend contacting your bank for this information.

What are Financial Institution Numbers for common Canadian banks?

Here is a list of Financial Institution Numbers for common Canadian banks. If your bank is not listed here, try visiting your bank's website to find this number, or contact your bank directly. TD Canada Trust: 004 Desjardins: 815 Tangerine (formerly ING Bank of Canada): 614 HSBC Bank of Canada: 016 Central 1: 828 Bank of Montreal (BMO): 001 CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce): 010 Royal Bank of Canada: 003 Scotiabank: 002 National Bank of Canada: 006