April 9, 2019

Christopher Alam

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CHRISTOPHER ALAM is a teacher and speaker who converted from Muslim and overcame a life of threats and imprisonment. Staying true to his beliefs, Christopher was able to escape to Belgium, and then Sweden, where he was able to pursue a life of education and teaching. Dynamis World Ministries started based on his teachings and he is also the General Overseer of AWAKE churches; both organizations have a strong fellowship and ministry in Zimbabwe Africa.

Christopher Alam

Born in a Muslim family with Middle Eastern origins, Christopher Alam received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1975. He was immediately confined in a mental asylum for his faith in Christ. 

Christopher responded quickly to the call of God and began to preach the Gospel. He was arrested several times and imprisoned for almost a year for preaching the Gospel. After being threatened with execution, Christopher finally escaped first to Belgium and then to Sweden, where he was given political asylum, eventually becoming a Swedish subject. It was in Sweden that he met his wife, Britta, in the church that he attended. They were married in 1979. 


Tuesday, April 9

7:00PM Evening Session


Malick Media Studios
20280 97 Avenue, Units 11-12, Langley, BC  V1M 4B9



From 96 Avenue, turn to 203 Street (Lordco Auto Parts at the corner). Drive up a few meters, CLM is on the left across from Julian Tile)

Alternate Route  From 201 Street, turn right to 97 Avenue. Turn right to 203 Street. CLM is on the right, entrance is on the other side of the building facing 96 Avenue.



Holiday Inn Express

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Langley, BC, V1M 2Y5



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