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The Convergence

September 27 to 30, 2018

An Ishmael and Isaac reunion

The Convergence is a family reunion between Muslim and Jew. Arch-enemies, Ishmael and Isaac, are called home to again sit at the same table in Christ. Join in this historic event of reconciliation and experience how God’s grace flows in a way that passes all understanding.
Seating is limited for this historic event. There is special seating for Leaders and Pastors.




dr caroline leaf

Dr. Caroline Leaf

October 26-28 (Fri & Sat) from 7-10pm, and (Sun) at 10AM

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology and a BSc Logopaedics specializing in cognitive and metacognitive neuropsychology. Since the early 1980‘s she has researched the mind-brain connection and did some of the initial research back in the late 80's showing the neuroplasticity of the brain. 

Her passion is to help people see the power of the mind to change the brain as well as to see the link between science and God as a tangible way of controlling their thoughts and emotions, learning how to think and learn and finding their sense of purpose in life.



Dr. A.L. Gill

Sunday, November 4 at 10AM
Over 50 Years Equipping Believers around the World!
When A.L. and Joyce received the baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1972, they were launched into an outpouring of God’s miracle healing power and revelation knowledge. Now the powerful, life-changing truth of God’s Word explode in the lives of others through their dynamic preaching and teaching ministry.
Based on his years of counseling experience, Dr. Gill compiled the book, God’s Promises for your Every Need,which has now sold over 20 million copies.

Their ministry is characterized by great love and powerful anointing. Their preaching and teaching ministries are accompanied by powerful signs, wonders, and healing miracles. Great revival, which includes waves of holy laughter and awesome manifestations of God’s glory and power, has been breaking out in their recent national and international meetings. A.L. has preached crusades with hundreds of thousands in attendance.

A.L. writes, “Years ago I would sit at my desk and hold a world globe in my hands as I prayed for believers and nations around the world. I never dreamed that the Lord would take Joyce and I to so many nations. He began to challenge us. ‘Ask of me and I will give you the nations for your inheritance.’  Our Ministry has taken us to over 90 Nations, some of these over 50 times.




bev watkins

Beverley Watkins

Sunday, November 18 at 10AM & 6:30PM

Beverley Watkins is an international Kingdom Consultant specializing in spiritual education and empowerment. She is a recognized Seer Prophet with specialized practical training on legislating in the courts of heaven. Her passion is to coach and equip believers in Kingdom Administration in order to reform culture in the seven mountains and see nations changed.




david hogan

David Hogan

December 5-6 (Wed & Thurs) from 7-10PM

Freedom Ministries was founded in 1981 by David Hogan. Starting off with nothing but a word from God and a vision of the area he began preaching from village to village. The work began in Central Mexico. From this beginning until now there have been over six hundred churches pioneered and countless villages have been brought the Gospel. The mountainous region where many of the churches exist is a harsh area with few roads and many villages only recently having electric power.




Bringing Life To Your Story Through Education

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