Faisal Malick

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Who is Faisal Malick?

Faisal was living out of his car during the winter of 1994. Formerly a devout Sunni Muslim, Faisal was locked out of his family’s home as a result of his decision to become a Christian. “I used to sleep sitting up because I had stuff in the back seat,” Faisal recalls. “I would find a spot in a hotel parking lot and turn the heat on in the car during cold nights.”

Several months after becoming a Christian, Faisal had a profound encounter. “It was Feb 24, 1995, a Friday morning at 7:30. It was very cold. And I felt the Spirit of God come in the room. I didn't know He interacted with us on a personal level.” Faisal relates his experience in the next three hours to that of a mighty river flowing through him. God’s love became tangible to Faisal and he felt like he was experiencing life for the first time. “I heard an audible voice saying, ‘I love you son,’ and saying it three times. I couldn't help but respond.” It was a shocking statement for Faisal to hear, given his cultural and family background in Pakistan.

Faisal then experienced three distinct changes in his personality: he had an intense love and desire to know God, he had more love for people, and he had an immediate desire to read the Bible. “I read the entire Bible in 36 hours,” he recalls. It was in that time he realized that not only did he have a desire to read the Bible, but he had an ability to make sense of what he read. “I would look at a page in the Bible, and it felt like the words would come off the page, go into my heart, and explode with understanding.”

With no formal training in biblical theology, Faisal then found himself sharing the truths he’d learned with others. He began to teach and instruct people on an informal basis, meeting in restaurants and coffee shops. The next few years of Faisal’s life had a profound impact on the lives of others; approximately 1500 people that Faisal spoke with came to know Jesus. People from all walks of life, faith backgrounds, and professions met with Faisal for guidance. The demand for Faisal’s time started to increase and he found himself booked for weeks on end.

Faisal began sending people to churches to be trained in Christianity, not showing preference between one denomination or the other. Faisal started to receive invitations from executives, pastors and principals to speak at various events and conferences. He began to transition out of his business and into full-time speaking and teaching. In addition to being a sought-after speaker, Faisal is also an entrepreneur and author.

Plumbline Network has now become the international vehicle through which Faisal is able to share his passion and gifts with the world. He seeks to encourage more people to live from their heart and bring life to the world.


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